2D Bullying Animation Scene After Effects Template

A 2D bullying animation scene after-effects template is a pre-designed digital asset that allows users to create impactful and informative animated videos or scenes that raise awareness of bullying and its effects. The template typically includes graphic elements, animations, and text placeholders that users can easily edit to suit their specific messaging needs.

The template may feature various characters, settings, and scenarios that depict different forms of bullying, such as physical, verbal, or cyberbullying. The characters may be designed to evoke emotions and reactions from the audience and to convey the negative impact that bullying can have on individuals and communities.

The template may also include text placeholders that users can fill with statistics, facts, or personal stories to further emphasize the severity of bullying and to encourage viewers to take action against it. The text may be animated to enhance its impact and to engage the audience.


After Effects Version CC

Category After Effects Project Files

Resolution 1920x1080



Ninth Motion

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