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  • Item Type Motion Graphics
  • Number of Clips 4
  • Resolution 1920x1080
  • Video Encoding ProRes
  • Vibrant Fruit Animation Scene: A Burst of Color and Joy

    Fruit Animation Scene is a free and simple 3D environment for indie game development. It was created by a small team of two people in a week-long game jam. The scene is perfect for prototyping, or for showing off your project.

    Indulge your senses in a captivating fruit animation scene that will transport you to a world bursting with color, life, and joy. Picture a luscious landscape adorned with animated fruits of all kinds, each radiating vibrant hues and playful energy that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

    In this delightful animated scene, every fruit takes on a life of its own. Watch as succulent strawberries sway to a melodic rhythm, ripe oranges dance with zest, and juicy watermelons bounce with infectious enthusiasm. The seamless animation brings these fruits to life, creating a visually stunning experience that sparks the imagination.


    Features :

    Easy to customize


    Help file included

    No plugins required


    What's within :

    Animated premiere pro template

    premiere pro templates

    Character animation scene templates

    Free Character Animation Scene Pack

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