Stylish Paper Themed Fashion Intro


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Stylish Paper-Themed Fashion Intro Template

The paper-themed fashion collection is a minimalistic yet striking approach to fashion, reimagining the ordinary material as a canvas for artistic expression. The collection features a soft color palette, clean lines, intricate origami-inspired details, and precise tailoring. The designs exude a timeless charm, allowing wearers to make a statement without saying a word. This collection represents a fresh perspective on style, combining the ordinary with the extraordinary, and is sure to captivate fashion enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and distinct look.

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1920*1080, 1080*1080

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After Effect CC 2018

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  • Tags
  • stylish
  • paper
  • themed
  • fashion
  • intro
  • trendy
  • chic
  • lookbook
  • runway
  • clothing
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