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Natural Fruit Drinks Slideshow After Effects Template
By Ninth Motion

The Natural Fruit Drinks Slideshow template typically features a fresh and colorful design aesthetic with vibrant fruit imagery, smooth animations, and stylish typography. It provides a visually appealing layout to present your fruit drinks, their flavors, nutritional information, and other key details in an enticing and professional manner.

Minimalistic Food Marketing Instagram Story
By Ninth Motion

The Minimalistic Food Marketing Instagram Story template is a premade design created to help you promote and showcase food-related content on your Instagram story with a clean and minimalist style. It is designed to provide a sleek and modern look while focusing on the essential elements of your food marketing.

Healthy Food Menu Slideshow After Effects Template
By Ninth Motion

This After Effects template for a healthy food menu slideshow features an elegant design with a clean and professional look. It's easy to use and has no extra plugins needed. Creative professionals can use it to create an eye-catching.

Foods Doodle Element After Effects Template
By Ninth Motion

The Foods Doodle Element After Effects Template is a fun and versatile template designed to bring a playful and whimsical touch to your videos or animations related to food, cooking, or culinary content. This template features a collection of hand-drawn doodle elements, including various food items, utensils, ingredients, and kitchen-related objects.

Cooking Character Animation Scene Pack
By Ninth Motion

Cooking Character Animation Scene Pack - Advanced cooking animation scene pack with 2 animations. This pack includes a walk cycle and idle animation. This pack includes 4 different scenes of character animation. These animations are perfect for menus, tutorials, or any other project.

Food Cooking Chef Vector Cartoon Animation Scene
By Ninth Motion

This Food Cooking Chef Vector Cartoon Animation Scene template is a visually immersive and engaging tool for showcasing culinary techniques, culinary creations, and kitchen experiences. It is perfect for chefs, food bloggers, and enthusiasts to engage their audience and ignite their passion for food.

Food Menu 3D Presentation Slideshow
By Ninth Motion

Indulge your audience's senses with this delectable 3D presentation slideshow template, designed to showcase your culinary creations in mouthwatering detail. From appetizers to desserts, each dish is presented with tantalizing visuals and savory descriptions, set against a backdrop of elegant ambiance.


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