1)How To Sign In / Log Out in My Account?


How to Sign In

You can Sign In by selecting the Account Icon on the right side of the website or you can visit https://designtemplate.io/login page.

This will open a Login page, where you can enter your credentials, or sign in using your Google or Facebook account.


How to Log Out

Once you're Logged in, you can log out from the hovering mouse same Account Icon. You will find Log Out Option. When you select that option you will be logged out.


2) How Do I Download My Invoices?


You will receive an invoice in your mailbox once you complete the payment. You can also download your invoices later in your account order section.

3) I haven't received a verification email


You should receive a verification email within 20 minutes after signing up Designtemplate.io website. If you're not seeing it in your inbox, try to manually refresh your browser to check for new emails in your inbox. Also, check your Spam or Junk folder. Check if there is a spelling error in the email address you have entered and request another verification email to be sent to the corrected address if there was a typing error.

If you've tried all the steps above and still haven't received a verification email, please contact us at help@designtemplate.io


4) What payment methods are accepted?


Currently, you can pay for templates using international credit cards or debit cards in USD by Stripe Gateway. We also accept through PayPal.

5) Do You Store My Credit Card Details?


DesignTemplate.io does NOT store your credit card information on your website. But

The Stripe Payment Gateway gives an option for saving credit card details while making payments. When a customer select option for save credit card details, Stripe will create a special payment token that will use the same credit card information for future payments. Saving the same card again on the customer’s account is not necessary unless you want to allow the customer to reuse the card for other purchases in your store.


If you wish to remove your card you can log in to your account and remove it.

After Effect Templates

1)What is an After Effects template?

After Effects templates are ready to use animation sequences, made using the Adobe After Effects software. The templates are in .zip files, which require a program such as WinRAR (Windows) or Archive Utility (Mac) to extract. Once unzipped, you can open and edit the .aep file in Adobe After Effects. 

2 ) What versions of After Effects are your templates compatible with?

Most templates are compatible and exclusive to Adobe Creative Cloud (CC+). 


3) Are these after effect templates compatible with both Mac and Windows?

Yes, all templates in after effect templates category are compatible with Mac and Windows. You need Adobe After Effects software version similar to that mentioned on the Product page.


4) Can I buy and sell work on DesignTemplate.io?

You can buy and sell your work templates. we are the marketplace for creative professionals, and designers to upload their work and portfolios, but we do not own the rights to any of the work.


5) Do you offer Custom Templates?

Yes, We do provide Custom Templates. Send us a detailed description by filling out the contact form on the contact page. We will send you a quote.

6 ) What is Future Item Support?

Future Item support is a service provided by authors onDesignTemplate.io. Having Support means the author answers questions asked about how to use the templates. If there is any issue regarding Item update and software compatibility. Item Support is for 2 months. You can extend this support up to 4 months while purchasing a template

Support does not include modification in Templates. For customization of the template, you can contact that author.