Best 5 Blur Background Apps in 2024

discover the best 5 blur background apps for 2024. enhance your photos with these top-rated apps that offer easy-to-use tools for creating stunning blur effects on your smartphone.

Jul 4, 2024 10:22 am by NinthMotion

Aperture, depth-of-field, and fast prime lenses are all keywords bandied about by photographers when they explain how to blur the background of a picture. But achieving a blur effect needn't be so difficult. You can recreate the same effect using your smartphone.

Blur effects are fantastic at creating a focal point, adding depth, and driving attention to the photo's subject. When you blur the background of a photo, the subject of your picture remains sharp and in focus while removing distracting elements. The blur effect is a great stylistic technique to produce striking, professional-looking images.

This article will review the top five background blur apps that seamlessly add a beautiful blur effect to your images.

5 Best Blur Effect Apps on iPhone & Android

1. PhotoDirector

Image Credit: PhotoDirector

Compatibility: iOS, Android

PhotoDirector is an all-in-one photo editing app available on both iOS and Android that has a very user-friendly interface that’ll help you blur photos like a pro. 

This free app is a great choice if you want to blur a photo background to highlight the picture's subject. PhotoDirector offers an excellent collection of blur styles with customizable blur focus area and intensity. Better still, the blur tool can automatically detect the subject of your image and seamlessly blur the photo background. Users will find it effortless to create artistic shots and can experiment with different light sources to enhance the photo background. 

You can create stunning bokeh images with just one tap. Bokeh filters can blur and soften the background of pictures, much like blur effects. Where they differ is bokeh filters also apply light effects to the blurred background. The bokeh effect is especially striking when a light source is a primary subject, such as a candle, campfire, or light bulb. PhotoDirector has a wide range of bokeh filters you can add to any photo. You can fully customize the filters through the bokeh settings to get the exact look you want. 

Video Tutorial:

Credit: PhotoDirector Photo Editor - CyberLink

Reasons to Recommend:

■ Beginner-friendly editing interface

■ Wide range of blur and bokeh effects available in the free version

■ AI-powered editing tools and photo animation effects

■ Option to save as a video, GIF, or a still image

2. Tadaa SLR

Image Credit: Tadaa SLR

Compatibility: iOS

Video Tutorial:


Tadaa SLR is a camera app for iOS that includes basic photo editing options, including a bokeh effect. The app allows you to change the aperture settings, which relates to the intensity of the depth of field effect. You can also tap anywhere on the image to adjust the focus, even after taking a picture.

This app includes masking with edge detection and tap-to-focus, allowing for quicker editing. Tadaa SLR will enable you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation but lacks almost all other editing features. It is an excellent option if you just want to blur a photo. However, this is not the best option for you if you’re looking for an editor with more features.


■ Offers smart focus area selection

■ App is translated into 26 different languages


■ More time-consuming than other apps

■ Not available on Android

3. AfterFocus

Image Credit: AfterFocus

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Video Tutorial

Credit: Anything in nature

AfterFocus is another specialised camera and photo editing app primarily used for adding blur to the background of a photo. There are three different options for selecting the focus area of an image which is the best feature of this app. AfterFocus allows you to create DSLR-style background blurred photos with effects including Lens Blur, Motion Blur, and Zoom Blur. There are also predefined depth effects for both still images and videos.

Other editing tools include vignetting, sharpening, and color masking. You can select from over 20 filters that can be applied to the whole image or just the background or foreground. You have the option to save your final product as an animated gif and share it directly on social media, via email, or through a messaging app. Unlike PhotoDirector, however, this app doesn’t offer any options for graphics, overlays, or stickers, which makes its functionality very basic.


■ App can automatically identify the focus area for an object with a unique shape

■ Works great on smaller screens

■ Able to save progress and finish editing at a later time

■ Free version available


■ Less user-friendly than other photo editing apps

4. Real Bokeh

Image credit: Real Bokeh

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Video Tutorial:

Credit: Brittany Nicole

Real Bokeh is a bokeh-specific photo editing app that allows you to add and customize bokeh light effects and shapes in your photos. With this app, you can choose from up to 36 unique bokeh shapes to add to your images. One unique aspect of this app is adding multiple bokeh shapes to one image by simply drawing them on with your finger. Then you can use the color picker to choose between 28 colors.

Once you have added a bokeh effect, you can change both its size and opacity to create the perfect blur photo. The app introduced newly designed Christmas bokeh shapes and beautiful light effects in a recent update. In addition to the bokeh effects, the app offers a limited number of additional features. It has 33 light leak effects and 23 image filters to apply to your photos. The app also has an easy-to-use undo and clear all. Real Bokeh is designed chiefly for creating bokeh effects, so please be aware you will have to download another photo editing app to create additional effects or use other editing tools.

Of all the bokeh-focused apps on this list, this app stands out as a good blur photo app companion to PhotoDirector as it has a few unique bokeh effects.


■ Offers a wide range of colors for light effects and a color picker option

■ Can add multiple bokeh shapes to one image


■ Small image size

■ Limited features

■ No free version

5. Bokeh Photo Editor

Image credit: Bokeh Photo Editor

Compatibility: iOS

Bokeh Photo Editor for iOS offers a full range of graphics and overlay options and a blur effect. With the free version, you can use 60 different effects, including rings, swirls, and fireworks, layered onto a single photo.

You can customize your image even more and reposition or rotate effects and graphics with just your fingertips. The app also allows you to instantly share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Bokeh Photo Editor is designed for both iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, many of the features are only available on the paid version, and the app is not available for download on Android.


■ Paid version includes 200 different effects

■ Can change the opacity or brightness of the bokeh effects that are applied


■ Free version is extremely limited

■ Even with the paid version, some features cost extra

■ Not available on Android

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